The Back-to-Basics Bootcamp
For Working With Children As An Occupational Therapist

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The Back-to-Basics Bootcamp fills the gap between the day you graduate and the day you feel confident in your daily practice.

Do you want to feel more prepared, confident, and motivated to be the best paediatric occupational therapist you can be?

Learn what they didn’t teach you in school

Some things you can only learn on the job. In the Bootcamp you’ll find help managing the business side of your new career so that you can focus more energy on helping children.
Get a head start with expert tips on how to prepare for success, balance your workload, and avoid common mistakes as you:

  • Improve your clinical reasoning skills and stay informed of current approaches and tools in therapy.
  • Frame your mindset around current evidence-based practice.
  • Develop strategies and confidence in documentation, writing reports, completing assessments, and finishing case notes.
  • ​Learn how to navigate difficult conversations with parents, teachers, your supervisor, and other professionals on the care team.
  • ​Explore topics that are often inadequately addressed in University—such as sensory processing, executive functioning, social-emotional regulation, and more.

Unlimited access to the Bootcamp for 3 months!

Here’s what Bootcampers say:

C.L., New Graduate

" I would like to say a big thank you for being the kind person you are. I was very much lost and going through such a difficult time a few weeks ago. You have been so inspirational and have helped me so much and I am forever grateful."

L.K., Early Career OT

"I also wanted to message and say thank you for the content in the course so far, it has been extremely helpful for me and helped me not to stress about entering into the field of paediatrics."

Get the extra support you need – on your schedule

The Back-to-Basics Bootcamp is like having a senior therapist on call to answer your questions.
After you join it’s available to you on demand, day or night, so you can start any time it works for you.
You’ll have unlimited access to the Bootcamp resources for 3 months!
Your guide is a practitioner with over 10 years of experience in private practice, and over 5 years as a clinical supervisor guiding new and early-career occupational therapists like you. 

How does it work?

This is a safe, nurturing, and supportive online space. Here you’ll be part of a community of therapists going through a similar transition.

  • On-Demand Videos: Each week, a Module will "drop" within the learning portal which includes 5 - 6 topics aimed towards a specific learning goal. Once they are available, you can watch them whenever it is convenient for you
  • Collaborate: Our private Facebook group is a safe space where other Occupational Therapists like you can freely ask questions, brainstorm, or use as a sounding board as you continue on this journey
  • Application: Each Module will provide practical strategies to apply in your practice

Watch the video to learn how the Bootcamp helps reduce the “overwhelm” and paves the way for you to become the rockstar paediatric OT you were born to be!

What you’ll learn in the Back-to-Basics Bootcamp


  • Prepare yourself for the world of paediatrics
  • Learn what to expect in this area of practice
  • Familiarize yourself with potential clientele & stakeholders


  • Understand tools or approaches being used in therapy
  • Delve deeper into play as an occupation and therapy tool
  • Increase understanding of the frameworks that direct your clinical reasoning


  • Learn how to identify the appropriate interventions for your clients
  • Improve your ability to provide specific therapy approaches
  • Increase your knowledge on how to address areas of function


  • Be more aware of possible assessments to choose from
  • Delve into common assessments
  • Increase your confidence in writing reports, letters, or home programs


  • Build confidence in yourself as an occupational therapist
  • Learn key phrases for conversations with parents, teachers, and other professionals on the care team
  • Discover how to stay positive – even when it’s a difficult conversation


  • Learn how to identify your area of expertise based on your own strengths
  • Explore avenues to pursue that lead you to thrive in your career

Are you ready to thrive in your new career?

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